Every facebook fan page has to be created through a personal profile.  To access your page you login to your personal profile, click “account”, “use facebook as page”.  While you are in this mode everything you put on your facebook, comment on other pages etc comes up as your business name.  Anyone who is a fan of your page cannot access any of your personal profile information, in fact they wont even know who owns the business page (unless you want them to).

A business page is different to a personal profile in that you won’t  be able to view the profile information of any other users, for example, business accounts can’t be used to add friends, send messages etc.

As a Page admin, you can update your connections by using the publisher located on your Wall tab at the top of the Page. You will be able to update your status, ask a question, post photos, share a link, or record/upload a Video. These posts will appear in the News Feed, on people’s home pages who have already “Liked” your Page as well as your Page’s wall for any people who are visiting.  If someone comments on, or likes, your Page post the comment or like will be visible to that follower’s friends.  A good way to encourage this is to ask questions, encourage comments, keep your page updated.  Of course, the more Facebook fans your page has, the larger the number of people who will see your message.

Additionally, you’re able to send updates, which will appear in the ‘other’ folder in their messages, to the people who have “Liked” your Page. When viewing your Page manager, click ‘Edit Page’ under the Page you’d like to use to send an update. Then, select the ‘Marketing’ tab on the left side of the page, and click ‘Send an Update.’ These updates can be sent to all people connected to your Page, of targeted to certain types of people connected to your Page.

All Page admins have the option to suggest their Page to friends by selecting the “Suggest to Friends” link. Selected friends may begin to see suggestions for your Page in the right-column as they navigate around Facebook.  This will be sent to your friends from your personal profile.

Once you have set up a Page within your profile, you may add other admins to help you manage this Page. People who choose to connect to your Page won’t be able to see that you are the Page admin or have any access to your personal account.

There’s no question that the more Facebook fans you can get for your Facebook business page, the more exposure you’ll have and the more successful your Facebook marketing efforts will be. Those who follow Facebook Fan pages may be referred to as “fans”

Once your Facebook Fan page has 25 fans (people who have clicked the “Like” button on the top of your fan page) you can get a custom URL e.g. facebook.com/pimpmypageNZ

There are several ways to get fans for your Facebook Fan page. Here are just a few ideas:

  1. Invite your existing Facebook friends to like your page (“suggest to friends” link), and hopefully they, in turn, will get others to also like your page and become fans.

  2. Include a Facebook badge or link to your Facebook Fan page on your website/blog and in any email newsletters you send out.

  3. Include a link to “Like” your Facebook Fan page in your email signature.

  4. You can advertise with Facebook ads encouraging people to “Like” your Fan page. In line with that, you can consider offering incentives for people to become your Facebook fans, such as discounts, free downloads, etc.

  5. Include your Facebook Fan page URL on your business cards, brochures and stationery. Again, best if you’ve already created a custom URL for your Facebook Fan page (have at least 25 fans).

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